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As an educator for the past eleven years in the field of computer literacy I truly believe that if every student feels like the computer lab is their home, is the place they can relax and let the outside world melt away, then they are disarmed enough to become life long learners.  My primary goal is to teach our students that computers are tools that will, (if used ethically), propel them to success and allow them to express who they are as human-beings.  Therefore, my approach is organic and holistic, while supporting our Catholic Values as well as the International Society for Technology in Education I truly believe there is nothing our students can not do or achieve.  It is my overarching goal that each student when they graduate and go to High School will be able to not just function in a higher level computer class, but be ahead of all the other students form all the other schools in Los Angeles or any other State or Country they might be coming from. Computers have made our world a much smaller place which means children growing up in India, China, Japan, England, France, and / or any other technologically developed country is their competitors for jobs here in the United States and abroad. Education is fundamental to their success, and I am committed to giving my students the edge they need to succeed. In addition to our efforts here at Ascension in the areas of Technology and Education  several of our teachers have made the hugh commitment to be part of the CMAST – STEM Program – (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Education for Leadership focus offered by Loyola Marymount University (LMU). 

Mr. Brian K. Stark, M.S.Ed
Director of Technology / Computer Teacher

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