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Tuition and Service Hours

Ascension Catholic School does not turn away students and their families due to financial hardship. As our population increases, so does the demand for Catholic education. Our tuition level is on par with other area Catholic schools and well below other area private schools. We work hard to maintain a feasible tuition so that current and future families can benefit from a Catholic education for years to come.

We offer:

  • Financial Aid
  • Affordable Tuition and Flexible Payment Plan


Parents who recommend our school to friends and relatives, who actually enroll in Ascension for 6 months, will be given $100 off their annual tuition commitment.


Payments are made electronically through FACTS TUITION PAYMENT SYSTEM. Registration is complete upon online Smart Tuition enrollment by the responsible party.  Parents must complete a contract form with the principal or bookkeeper. Please see the financial aid section of the website if assistance in needed. Final monthly tuition is on case-by-case basis.  For more information, please contact the office at 323-756-4064. 

Number of Students  Monthly Tuition Annual Tuition
1 $275 $3025
2 $460 $5050
3 $555 $6100
4 $736 $8100
5 Please contact

the school main office 323-756-4064

Registration Fees

Due June 1st, are $250 per student. 

No. of Students Fees
1 Student $250
2 Students $500
3 Students $750

Technology Development Fee for 2024-2025

$125 per Student

Tuition Payment options

Parents have the options to pay on-line, via invoice, or through automatic withdrawal from an account. In addition to tuition and registration, there is a one-time FACTS registration fee of $50 which is paid to FACTS. Registration is paid in the office at the time of enrollment. Parents have until the end of the school year to complete their 35 service hours. Fundraising obligations are divided by trimester to facilitate the allocation of funds by family. If parents do not finish service hours and/or fundraising obligations, the balance will be paid in the office (see parent contracts).

FACTS TUITION: All choosing a monthly payment plan are required to register for FACTS Tuition online system. Monthly deductions are made from a checking or savings account. The number of payments is at your discretion, anywhere from 4 to 11 payments per year over the course of the school year, beginning in July and ending in May (for 8th graders) or June.

Payment in full: If you make your tuition payment in full by September, you will receive a 6% discount off your total tuition. If you also choose to pay your fundraising requirement in full, that will be included with your discount.

Half/Half: You may pay half of your tuition by September and have your balance paid in full by March (a 5% discount will be applied to your 2nd payment). If you also choose to pay your fundraising requirements in full, that will be included in your discount.

Required Parent Service Hours

Service Hours may be performed from August to May of the current academic school year. Ascension requires 35 service hours per family per year. This can include time working at school, chaperoning on trips, joining our campus beautification team or making donations of needed supplies. Suggestions can be found on our ClassDojo’s school story. We are committed to working with all our families in order to fulfill service hours so feel free to call the office with any questions.

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