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Come Visit Our New Fish Tank!

December 13, 2016 by Admin

Come visit our new fish tank!

Inside, you’ll find different varieties of tropical fish swimming in the warm water, tiny shrimp crawling on the rocky bottom, and even a frog. Yes, a frog.  We don’t have names for our new aquatic friends.  So, perhaps you can help us.  But first, let’s see how much you know about them.

  1. How do fish breathe?
  2. Can you find their fins? Can you see their gills move?
  3. Why are fish different colors?
  4. What are the differences between fish and amphibians?
  5. How long can a frog hold his breath?
  6. Are these salt water fish or fresh water fish?
  7. Can you think of another word for “fish tank”?
  8. What does the water filter do?


This aquarium was donated by Circle of Friends Productions.


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